Training camp #1 done

Contrary to my fears we managed to keep the matches in the jersey pockets, for most of the time anyway, and there was plenty of good old boyish banter and the occasional Limoncello. We stayed in Pienza, which is a nice little town nestled between Montepulciano and Montalcino, and provides easy access to Monte Amiata.


On the first day we headed, of course, for the 1700 meter Amiata. Unfortunately or not, for some reason my heart rate was out of this world on that day, so I had to take it easy. Nice climb with excellent surface on the east side – and quite the opposite on the western side. Here’s the file on Strava.

The remaining three days we cycled the near-by hills, which vary between excellent and amazing. As is typical this time of the year, the weather gods were not always on our side: Saturday’s ride was cut short as there were mud slides on the roads, and at some point I thought I was cycling upstream in a river.


But that only left more time for speculation on future training methods and gear upgrades, and from what I hear, the first KICKR trainer is already on it’s way.


Thanks guys!


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