On Cycling Shoes

Dear friends, I need your help. My well served Sidi Ergo2’s are wearing out. I’ve had them fixed one or two times, but now the fabric at the heels seems to be giving up. Or someone might say  “they’re only fixable by duct tape” – something I’m not too keen to see either on my bike or boat.

Image 1 Image

When I acquired this pair in 2008, they were the obvious choice. But things have changed with so many new shoe brands entering the market, and the old ones upgrading their products. And I’m confused: should I get the Ergo3’s or seek something even better (and I assume more expensive).

The Ergo2’s have served me for 5 years, which I guess is a reasonable life span for a pair of shoes. They have been good shoes: They’re very stiff, which means the performance must be good; they’re fairly comfortable on your feet (is anything with a carbon sole really comfortable?); they look nice and it’s easy to get replacement parts.

What do you think, what would be the perfect performance cycling shoe right now?


2 thoughts on “On Cycling Shoes

  1. Korppu

    I recommend a pair of shoes with little less slide slip. No need to maintain that legendary Egyptian-style profile for your cleats. For those who don’t know Olli’s both ankles are twisted to the left.


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