Bike cases

As some of you may know, I had a very unfortunate incident with my beloved Colnago last summer. For years I have been using a hard case borrowed from a friend. With the past Haute Route project coming up, I thought it was to time invest in my own case. As I had previously done a little bit of flying with a bike, I was well aware of the problems resulting from having to take the steed in pieces (the more you disassemble it, the more likely something goes wrong).

So I did quite a bit of research, and talked to a lot of people. Based on the knowledge gathered,  I ruled out all soft boxes. Until I saw the Scicon Aerocomfort 2.0. The bag is super easy to use – just take off the wheels, attach the bike to an aluminium frame provided with the bag, and zip it up. The bike sits tight, the wheel, saddle and the bar protecting the bike. It’s a fairly large bag, but I’ve learned it fits into almost any car, including a Volkswagen Polo. The ease of use, quick assembly and no night to detach parts from the bike were appalling qualities – I was sold. And was happy with the bag on several trips.

Until, on a Friday morning, approximately 44 hours prior to the start of the Haute Route, I was assembling the bike and saw this:


I definitively don’t want to end up in situation like that again, so I’m shopping for a new case again – this time a hard case.

The nice people at Scicon have made me a really nice deal on their top of the line hard case, the Aerotech Evolution. That’s a nice case, requires minimal disassembly, but is a bit bulky. The other option I’m considering is the classic B&W Box, which is sturdy, inexpensive and small, but requires a lot of disassembling / assembling.

What do you think, what should I be looking in a bike case, and how do you travel with your bike?

NB I do not intend to get a case like this:



3 thoughts on “Bike cases

  1. bgddyjim

    That’s a conundrum you’ve got there. UPS it to the hotel and insure the heck out of it. ?

    I travel with mine on the back of our van but that only works in the States. Good luck!


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