About – Haute Route

I began writing this blog in order to keep a diary of my preparation for my second Haute Route, in the hope of being able to share some the knowledge I’ve gathered through my many mishaps, and especially to learn new ideas from other people’s experiences.

Haute Route (www.hauteroute.org) is a concept put together by a Swiss company OC Sport aiming to provide amateur cyclists a chance to get as close as possible to being a pro cyclist. They currently run two different events – Haute Route Alps and Haute Route Pyrenees – each event consisting of 7 days, 7 timed stages, 800 kilometers and 20.000 meters to climb. A new event for 2014 will be Haute Route Dolomites & Swiss Alps.

I did the Haute Route Alps in 2013 and loved it. I loved the pain in my legs, the scenery and the fact I could spend a whole week of my vacation dedicated just to cycling. Even more than those things I loved the eight months that preceeded them; the training. I lost weight and got in better shape than probably ever before. And I was also living a healthier life. To raise the odds of a more permanent change I decided to go for the Haute Route Dolomites & Swiss Alps in 2014.

Along with my training, rest assured that I will be speculating on what sort of new gear can be acquired to make riding more of pleasure (there’s a new frame on it’s way). And if I have any energy left, I might be bragging about my travels (with- or without the bike) as well.

As the blogosphere is full of personal accounts of the past Haute Routes, I will probably never write my own. But if you fancy reading them, I would first go to Jan Van Mieghen and Vicious Cycle.

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