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November done

At least for us living in the dark North, November can be a cruelsome month. This time November took off by me being properly ill for the first week, which accumulated quite a bit of work for the coming weeks – thus no blogging for a while. Things didn’t get any easier as I sold my flat, and was preparing for a move. Summing it up, however, it wasn’t all that bad.

– I got the Garmin Vector power pedals. They’ve been mostly good. The low output numbers are frustrating, but [they keep me pedalling/give me incentive]. Who needs Sufferfest when one has power output and left/right balance on one’s computer, right?

-We paid a quick visit to the Costa Blanca region in Spain, which was amazing from a cycling point of view.

-Finally got past the 10k mark. That came with some 115.000 vertical meters.

-Managed to squeeze in 41 hours of training – a tie with January as the lowest training volume this year.

-The Oltre was delivered, and thanks to the lack of snow, I actually had a go on it before parking it for the winter.

Will get back to the Vector, and some other gear related topics once we get past the move.


Giving up

That Garmin Vector ad had been haunting me for weeks on my FB front page (how did they know?). Yes, I had been following the power meters closely ever since a friend of mine purchased the Polar/Look pedals about a year a go. I’m generally pro measuring what really counts, and contra letting any sort of analyzing or testing get the upper hand of the exercise itself.

However, I understood that I live in a place with no mountains within a two hour flight, and not even a 10 minute uphill within a day’s car trip. So in order to be prepared for the mountains, Continue reading

Bike cases

As some of you may know, I had a very unfortunate incident with my beloved Colnago last summer. For years I have been using a hard case borrowed from a friend. With the past Haute Route project coming up, I thought it was to time invest in my own case. As I had previously done a little bit of flying with a bike, I was well aware of the problems resulting from having to take the steed in pieces (the more you disassemble it, the more likely something goes wrong).

So I did quite a bit Continue reading

On Cycling Shoes

Dear friends, I need your help. My well served Sidi Ergo2’s are wearing out. I’ve had them fixed one or two times, but now the fabric at the heels seems to be giving up. Or someone might say  “they’re only fixable by duct tape” – something I’m not too keen to see either on my bike or boat.

Image 1 Image

When I acquired this pair in Continue reading