Is electric shifting any good?

-Apparently yes, but it doesn’t save you any weight or money. So if your bike is underweight, or you’ve done everything you can to fill your budget but there’s still room, or you race on flats, go for it!

I have a nice aluminium frame but would like to upgrade it to carbon. Should I do it?

-Yes, but only after you’ve upgraded to carbon wheels.

How do I choose a good cycling destination?

-First, check where they have direct flights from where you live. Especially if you’re bringing your own bike, you don’t want to bee changing planes. See if they have any mountains or vineyards nearby. Then choose someplace warm and sunny. Annecy, Girona and Bourg d’Oisans are always good, Just like almost anywhere in Italy, so choose somewhere close to the airport.

-Seriously, cycling is good in most places. What you need is cycling friendly motorists, which are found in most Western European countries, just avoid Scandinavia and the UK.

-You can’t go wrong choosing a famous wine growing region: Piedmont, Chianti,  Montalcino, Liguria, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Côtes de Provence, Rhône, Champagne, Alsace, Trento, Sonoma county – they’re all good.

-When choosing the micro location, a handy tool is a Strava heat map. But please note: a red place doesn’t always mean it’s good for cycling, it just means there are lots of cyclists with competitive minds around, which happens to be the case in the vicinity of major financial hubs 🙂

I have a XYZ bike which I’m happy with. Would it be worth upgrading?

-Absolutely. You can never have too many bikes, and you get so much more out of cycling with the right gear.

I have a proper mountain bike. Do I really need a road bike?

-Yes, you’ll love it.

I have a road bike. Should I get a mountain bike as well?

-if in doubt, buy.

I can’t decide which one I should get: a road bike or a mountain bike; should I compromise on a cyclocross?

-Absolutely not. You won’t get a mountain bike, nor a road bike, but one that’ll end up gathering dust in the shed, as you won’t be able to ride it with your friends.

Are the disc brakes coming to road bikes?

-For sure. Should you get them? Up to you. You gain on braking feel and performance, lose on the looks. If you want to drive on carbon wheels year round, then discs are the only way, as there are no brake pads consuming the rim.

Campagnolo / Shimano / Sram?

-This blog is not about religious subjects.

Which exercise tracking software should I use?

Strava. Try it and you’ll see the difference.

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