Training camp #1 done

Contrary to my fears we managed to keep the matches in the jersey pockets, for most of the time anyway, and there was plenty of good old boyish banter and the occasional Limoncello. We stayed in Pienza, which is a nice little town nestled between Montepulciano and Montalcino, and provides easy access to Monte Amiata.


On the first day we headed, of course, for the 1700 meter Amiata. Unfortunately or not, for Continue reading


Training camp #1

Decision made, goal set, time to start training! I was looking forward to the latter part of this week as relaxing rides on rolling South Tuscan hills with good friends, excellent food and hmm..  local wines. But as it happens, 4 out of 12 of our jolly riders have already registered for the Haute Route, so I’m afraid it will be bent towards burning matches on Monte Amiata. We will be staying in Pienza, and plan to ride around the local hills and villages for the end of the week. If you have any suggestions on what not to miss, please do let me know. Will report on how it went later, now off to do some packing. Hopefully no need for wet weather gear.

On another note, She decided to do it too. The Haute Route, not the Brunello. The reasoning Continue reading

Setting a Goal

Now that the decision is made, is it time to start training?  No – first we have to set a goal!

For the 2013 edition I started training in January, 7 months prior to the event. At that time I stepped on a scale showing  95 kilos, and felt reasonably fit: I was excercising 5-10 hours per week.

7 months later I had accumulated 6500 km’s / 65.000 vertical meters cycling; close to a 1000 km’s cross country skiing plus a fair bit of gym and running, 395 hours of training altogether.  And the scale showed 87 kilos. On the Haute Route my goal was to get a final result, i.e. not end up Continue reading

Haute Route 2014

It all started in an unlikely setting. I was having this quiet little drink and some bite at sort of an exclusive club with a prominent private equity CEO, when he, with a sound of strong commitment, said “yes, I’ll do it”. No, it wasn’t a deal we were discussing.

Image - Version 3

Previously that day I had registered and paid to do the Haute Route Dolomites and Swiss Alps – a cyclosportive we know very little about.  A month earlier I had finished the Haute Route Alps, a sportive covering some 800 km’s and 20 km vertical across the French alps. I’ll tell you a detailed story about that later maybe, but to put really brief, it was just an amazing experience. Some may not think of a week cycling uphill as the ultimate vacation, but that’s what it was for me. And I want to do it again. To ride the Haute Route Continue reading