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November done

At least for us living in the dark North, November can be a cruelsome month. This time November took off by me being properly ill for the first week, which accumulated quite a bit of work for the coming weeks – thus no blogging for a while. Things didn’t get any easier as I sold my flat, and was preparing for a move. Summing it up, however, it wasn’t all that bad.

– I got the Garmin Vector power pedals. They’ve been mostly good. The low output numbers are frustrating, but [they keep me pedalling/give me incentive]. Who needs Sufferfest when one has power output and left/right balance on one’s computer, right?

-We paid a quick visit to the Costa Blanca region in Spain, which was amazing from a cycling point of view.

-Finally got past the 10k mark. That came with some 115.000 vertical meters.

-Managed to squeeze in 41 hours of training – a tie with January as the lowest training volume this year.

-The Oltre was delivered, and thanks to the lack of snow, I actually had a go on it before parking it for the winter.

Will get back to the Vector, and some other gear related topics once we get past the move.